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NAME: Vathetar
ABOUT: The supreme commander of the dark forces at work in the Nova City wastelands, Vathetar is not a being to be taken lightly. Radiating with unholy power, he has the ability to command legions of the dead, including among them reanimated corpses and skeletons, lost souls and other such demons. He himself is part demon, part ghost a once-powerful warlord who was overthrown but managed to preserve his spirit in a mystical suit of armour. His head is attached inside his chest, protected by the armour, making him all but invincible. Fueled primarily by a raging hatred of all that is good and noble, Vathetar has put it upon himself to bring chaos, disorder and anarchy to the world by freeing the dark gods banished to the Realm of Darkness. He is dastardly and deceitful, never engaging an opponent face-to-face when a stab in the back will do.
WEAPONS: Necromancy, Shard Axe of Mehron